blog blah

Just gotta vent for a minute about blogging...

I don't know how people do this every day!  It is pretty much a full time job!  There are some fabulous blogs and they have fabulous pictures- where the hell do these people get these great pictures????  Is there some secret database of wonderful, clean, modern pictures floating out there in cyber space that I don't know about?  I need access into this club asap, I'll pay the dues and wear the letters, just let me know the secret hand shake!  I am tired of spending hours searching for cool pictures for the blog- I should be spending this time making jewelry, that's what I do best- or better than blogging, clearly. 

One more vent about blogs- and I will probably kick myself later for saying this- no one cares what you are wearing today- and we don't need every blog post to have 23 pictures of YOU. This is one blog format that we could do without in 2011.  There I said it, sorry to have offended anyone but its true.

(insert cool pic that I couldn't find here)