packaging, i love you!

YAY!!!!  I have finally submitted my packaging design to Crayton-Heritage Letterpress.  I will be dropping off my deposit check today and in approximately two weeks I will have a ridiculously beautiful letterpress package for my jewelry designs.  You have no idea how excited I am about this.

I am so appreciative of my graphic designer Erica Anne De Flamand who has been incredibly diligent and patient through this process.  You must check out Erica's work, she is truly talented in many ways and I am looking forward to taking advantage of her incredible photography skills.


Above is a beautiful example of Erica's work. I had to share this picture with you, it really makes me feel something and that is what I believe is true art.

Anyway, my original intent for this post was to share with you some really cool packaging that I have come across.   A little mid week inspiration for you!


So cute huh?


I love this idea, I want to steal it, but that's not really my style- stealing I mean. 

If you can't tell this bag is covered with little squares, fold them over to create your own design. 

So clever. 


Sweet and simple. 


Oh, Kate you are so bright and pretty! 

I'm a sucker for season specific packaging






Well done Hunter!  Check out Mend Mark



    And I leave you with letterpress, clean and simple.