following the rules

Starting a business that is based on your passion is exciting.  Actually forming the business legally and figuring out all the rules you need to follow and licences you have to pay for- not so much. 

Here are a few links you will need for this rather unfun but necessary process...

IRS- I know you are shuddering right now at just the mention of these three little letters but you need the IRS to be a legit business.  Fortunatly the IRS makes it very easy to register online for your Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) and you get your number immediately, finally no waiting!  Noelle Munoz Inc. will be an "S" Corporation so I will need to file my "S" election with the IRS as well.

NC Department of Revenue- You will need to get a state sales tax number, in North Carolina you can register for the privledge of paying taxes in NC online, again pretty quick and easy.  Be aware that if you are an LLC or a corporation the NC department of revenue requires your Secretary of State number to be able to register for your state sales tax number, oh the hoops we must jump through!

NC Secretary of State- If you are planning on being an LLC or a Corporation you must register with the Secretary of state.  If you plan on being a corporation you have the added fun of filing your articles of incorporation.

City County Tax Collector- In my area, Charlotte/ Mecklenburg I have to apply for a business license and pay my city/county tax to get it.

Many states Department of Commerce have business service centers that can help you with all of the information you need to get your business set up in your state.  North Carolina Business ServiCenter is very helpful and you can also call them and talk to someone on the phone (800) 228-8443

Alrightly, just wanted to make you aware that if you are thinking of starting a business there is a lot more involved than a good idea and some inventory.  I am now going to work on my articles of incorporation which I have been procrastinating for about 4 months.

I wanted to leave you with an image of this letterpress print I bought from Hijirik Studio off of Etsy, to serve as a reminder...