northern inspiration

I have been traveling a lot lately and it has really messed with my blog flow, not that I have one but I'm working on it- bare with me please:). 

Amongst all of my work traveling lately I managed to squeeze in a trip to DC  to see my best friend in the whole world Nikki Nabi.  I grew up in Northern Virginia, being back in the area made me miss all of the great restaurants, great shopping, history, art and diversity but it also blew a little life back into my creative brain.  I thought I'd share some of my trip and things that inspired or touched me, here are a few pics I took while I was in a Baltimore market I just love the colors and textures.

 being here made me feel like I was in another country.

 where is the Old Bay???

 I wish we had a fish market like this in Charlotte

Don't worry I have more pics to share with you later this week:)