Sip and Stroll

The Sip and Stroll I told you about last week turned out to be a really nice event and I am definitely considering participating as a vendor next year.

A few pics of the event...

The glittering queen city

 The funky, fun jazz band and the back of some random people's heads:)

Wahoo, souvenier wine glasses!

 Annnndd... we have no self control.  That's right, although the wine and appetizers were delish we just couldn't stay away from our home town fries, nothing better than 5 guys:)

In addition to all the obvious fun I had sipping and strolling I also got to meet a friend of a friend that has her own jewelry business, Erin McDermott.  Erin's jewelry is fresh, fun and colorful (I had my eye on several of her pieces).  We didn't have much time to talk because there were people crawling all over her booth but I could tell her and her husband were super sweet, upbeat people and I am really looking forward to getting to know them better.  It is so fun for me to meet other crafty, talented, driven business owners making their passion their living.  Meeting people like Erin is so motivating and makes me realize my dream is possible- there are days when I need that reminder.