empowering yourself

You can't always feel like a super hero...

but empowering yourself can actually be pretty easy and it can make a huge difference in how productive you are.  Here are a few simple ways I get pumped up to crank out the creations;

GET PRETTY- even if I don't plan to leave the house, I always feel more confident when I look good.  So get out the mascara, eye liner, your favorite outfit, a piece of Noelle Munoz jewelry (hint-hint) whatever makes you feel confident and put it on.  It will help I promise! 

Oh, but don't take pics of yourself putting on the mascara it will counter act all self confidence you could gain from putting it on because everyone looks funny putting on mascara, see...

PUMP UP THE JAMS- putting on some upbeat music can really get you motivated to power through your creative slump.  Just a little taste of my motivational play list; Unstoppable- Kat Deluna, Gimme More- BritneySpears, Forever- Drake, Stronger-Kanye West, anything Lady Gaga (the fact that she is 24 and a triple platinum mega success should remind you to get off your keister and get to work, unless of course you have accomplished equal accolades in your field of expertise)

STEAL SOME KISSES- If eye liner and Gaga can't get you motivated get some positive reenforcement from the ones you love, it works every time. :)