thank God for sisters...

As you know it's the season for thanksgiving and I wanted to publicly acknowledge that I am thankful for the following things...

  • a beautiful sister that is my best friend and is a spectacular model for me:) (she is pictured above modeling her birthday present that I finally finished and gave to her over the holiday weekend)
  • a mom that is a 13 year breast cancer survivor
  • a grandma that knows how to make cornbread dressing that I am pretty sure is considered one of the wonders of the world
  • a husband that has the patience of a saint and has survived almost FIVE years of marriage to me
  • the courage to follow my dreams
  • the opportunity to give back because it makes me feel so good
  • the firepit in our backyard that we broke in this weekend
  • my crazy, loyal, lovable dog that has complete control over me
  • the smell of coffee brewing
  • how the holidays make me feel
  • friends that understand I don't have much spare time to spend with them but love me anyway
  • hope
  • (last but not least) the rest of my wonderful, loving, supportive family

Just to name a few things.

I hope you all had a spectacular Thanksgiving!  (Only 27 Days till Christmas- wahoooo!)