love charlotte, buy local

Well, I can hardly believe it but Thanksgiving is only one day away!  And black Friday is one day after that, I shudder at the thought.  Because I am now a (very) small business owner my mindset has really started to change,  I'm much more aware that as a consumer it is really important to support the local business community.  Now, before I go out to buy a gift I take a second to think about where I am going to get the gift, the mall?  Or a locally owned shop?


 paper twist

Fun paper, office and organizational products- as you know I can not get enough of this kind of stuff

Cottage Chic

I just discovered this place, I love it!  They have a little bit of everything; great gifts, home goods and accessories, clothes and jewelry.


Pura Vida

This place has some very different colorful, worldly gifts and today everything in the store is 30% off! 


 Atherton Mill and Market

Locally grown fruits and vegetables as well as hand made crafts but be aware they are only open select hours during the week.


Has young, fashion forward clothes and jewelry.

See, we have great locally owned businesses in Charlotte and through out NC.  So before you set your alarm clock for 3am Friday morning in order to be the first person through the doors at Wal-Mart to get the best deal on whatever crap you are planning on elbowing some old lady out of the way for and then waiting in the longest line on the face of the earth to actually purchase your item that was no doubt made in China check out these cool, unique shops that will put a smile on your face not just because you are supporting your community but because you didn't have to get up at 3am to find a spectacular gift!