my dad has always said...

Dad has always said that organization is half the battle.  I believe this to be true. 

My Dad works at a desk that looks like it belongs in a showroom, not a crumb or spec of dust, the only items on his desk are two neatly framed pictures of my sister and I and a crystal bowl filled with river stones collected on a day in the past spent not working.  Other than these items you would have no idea that someone sits there 12 or more hours a day vigorously working away.  My Dad works to be neat but it is really very natural for him.  Me on the other hand...


I did not inherit this useful skill.  I have to work really hard to not look like a tornado hit my work space- as you see by this embarrassing picture of my studio. 

I thought showing you this horrendous picture would help to hold me accountable.  This weekend I am going to spend some time getting my organization on and I will be excited to show you the fruits of my labor.  I am horrible at being organized but I love all the tools of organization, they are always so cool.  Like this sweet "smart deck" by Russell and Hazel, a 12x12 pad with the year at a glance on each page. I cannot wait until 2011 just to start using the "smart pad"!

Once I clean and organize my studio I am sure I will find some of my other attempts to be organized that I can share with you and I might actually get some jewelry made while I am at it.

Happy Weekend!