i just can't hide it...

I am soooo excited and I will tell you why... 

Unfortunately there is a serious shortage of jewelry supply stores in North Carolina and pretty much anywhere except for CA, NM, NJ, and NY.  Yes, we have more than our fair share of bead and bauble shops but I need a place that sells chemicals and saw blades and all the down and dirty that a silversmith needs. 

(this is not my bench but just wanted to give you an idea of how much equipment we use- jewelry making is pretty much bad ass.  I think i have twice as many tools as my husband does.)

I was in Atlanta earlier this week for work and I thought- hey, I'm here. I might as well check out what the ATL has to offer. The ATL has JFF Jeweler Supply

I walked in and honestly was unimpressed by the front of the store; four or five dusty glass cases with books and hand tools, a few sparsely stocked shelves and pieces of old equipment scattered on the floor.  But as I walked around surveying the displayed goods I saw and heard that the real treasures were behind the counter.  JFF is fully stocked, they just don't have it all out for you to put your grubby hands all over but even better than having pretty much any hand tool or needed supply they have the most knowledgeable, friendly sales people. 

I spent almost 45 minutes talking with Dallas about what I needed, questions I had, problems I was trying to solve, alternate ways to get things done, new techniques, it was AWESOME!!!!  When I left the store I felt so encouraged and happy to talk with someone that could help me with things I have been struggeling with and actually get to see what I am buying before I buy it, pay shipping fees and a hazardous materials fee and wait two weeks to get the darn thing only for it to not really be what I wanted. After leaving JFF I felt so good, I kind of felt like I might cry- yeah, I know that's pathetic.

Anyway, these are my treasures from JFF, I know it all looks pretty unremarkable but most of our supplies does- its the jewelry that results from them that is remarkable.:) 

So if you are are interested in getting into jewelry making- not beading- and in Atlanta or anywhere near there it is completely worth it to make the trip to JFF. 

I am so excited to finally have a trusted resource and can not wait to get back into the studio this weekend!