why blog?

Why blog you ask?  I find myself constantly asking myself this same question.  Does anyone really care what I think?  Is anyone out there actually reading this? 

I have mentioned blog I love, Craft MBA, it really has great posts and lots of links to other blogs and online articles geared toward "business thinking for designers and makers".  A guest posting on Craft MBA titled "your craft blog; what's your end game?" is one I just recently had to go back and re read.  I will give you a little summery of the post but it is worth the quick read if you are in the same spot I am, asking yourself, why blog?

the cliff notes:

-blogging for blogging sake IS NOT GOOD MARKETING!

-Successful blogging has an end game. A purpose. A method. A goal.

-Always blog with your goal in mind

-Knowing your end game will help you brainstorm ideas, make design decisions, and formulate calls to action, basically it will make your life easier.

-Knowing your objective will also help you build a community around your blog, start conversation, and increase social sharing.

Hmm, so now I need a goal with this blogging I am doing.  Well I hope anyone reading this is aware that I design, make and sell jewelry- if you don't know that I am doing a horrendous job with my marketing efforts. 

Anyway, my goals are to make people think my blog is cool and interesting and that I know something about art, fashion, design and life so that they will want to read my blog and buy my jewelry that I share with them on my blog, website and facebook page. 

Hey, just being honest.  If you have a better goal for me please let me know. 

I also have a secondary goal of sharing business info with other would-be entrepreneurs out there, starting a business is no cake walk and these days a business owner has to be good at so many things, it is pretty overwhelming.  I like to help people and I hope that the few tips I share might help someone out or make them realize if Noelle can do it, I can do it.

Now the true test is that I actually have to start writing my blog with these goals in mind.  I guess we will all (and by I all I mean the 2 or 3 of you that are reading) see if I can do it.  Part of the reason for the blog, other than my above stated goals, was to make myself accoutable.  Force me into forward progress by knowing that there are people out there watching my success of failure or procrastination.  I work much better under pressure, having a goal to meet is a start.

I leave you with a few links that might help you with your blogging:

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Thanks for reading!