red grooms

I have no cable TV.  To be honest it really sucks, as much as I hate to admit it I am pretty much addicted to TV, specifically Law and Order.  The upside is that now that there is nothing to watch I am really getting a ton done.

I was flipping the the channels the other day and as usual there was absolutely nothing on but I lingered on PBS long enough to watch a special on an artist named Red Grooms. 

Having been exposed to art my whole life and spending four years in art school I have developed an appreciation for most art; it may not be my style or my favorite BUT I can appreciate it.  I can appriciate the process, detail or what the artist is trying to achieve, the feeling they are trying to evoke.  I do have to say there is some art that I don't appreciate at all but that is another subject entirely.


 I love that this guy clearly has is own style and he just rolls with it.  By the way Red is about 73.

It was funny because in his interview he seemed to be a fairly dry fellow, I mean I would think by looking at his work that this guy would just be bouncing off the walls and wearing a pair or neon pants.  I guess sometimes your work reflects a part of you that may not always show in your actions.


The pieces are just so full of detail and color- love it.  Most of Red Grooms' work is 3-D, I can only imagine wondering through one of his exhibits for hours picking up all the little subtle details he has worked in to his pieces.  I the interview he said he is really at home working on dipicting dirty, grungy subways and streets, that where his is real talent is. I think I understand that, perfection is pretty boring.

 The man with his art, whether you like it or not.