diy thank you notes

When I first heard about washi tape, I just had to have some.  I wasn't really sure what I would do with it but I loved the fun colors and patterns and the creative things people were doing with it.  My first little project with washi tape, some stickers and a few lengths of bakers twine was a sweet little pennant garland.  I ended up sticking it in the pie that we used to reveal the sex of our baby to the family.  That (the pie) was kind of a cluster but the pennants turned out so sweet and is now hanging in Jackson's nursery.



With a new baby we've gotten lots of gifts and meals from coworkers, neighbors, friends and family and when I say lots, I mean lots. And with all that kindness comes the obligation to write thank you notes- lots of thank you notes.  I was taught to not start a thank you note with the words, "thank you" and that it's tacky for your thank you note to say "thank you" on the front- yeah, so many rules.  With 50+ notes to write I wanted some cute stationary but didn't want to spend an arm and a leg on it.  So I whipped out my washi tape and headed to Paper Source for some nice paper and envelopes.



My favorite size is #10, a long lean, unique shape and I love the envelopes that open on the end. I happened to go at the perfect time because there were several packs of #10 cards and envelopes on sale for half off!  So 25 cards or 10 envelopes were about $3.  I stocked up because I knew with the washi tape I could personalize them how ever I want.

Washi tape has a nice slight translucency to it so it looks great layered...



After you create your masterpieces grab your favorite pen and get to thanking!  I like to use a white gelly roll pen, I think it looks fresh and some how makes the note feel more special.  You can also use washi tape to dress up an envelope.  A few stripes of tape turn a plain envelope into a package!



 A few tips- if you use a #10 card there is a lot of space to fill up so if you don't have alot to say you might want to use a smaller card or decorate the top and bottom of the card. Also ordering your washi tape will most likely be cheaper than buying it from the craft store and you will have more choices.  The thicker washi tape makes a lot more of an impact and looks great by it's self or layered with the thinner tape. 

I think the key is to just have fun with it.

Good luck and happy thanking!