new! loving charms

If you follow Noelle Munoz Jewelry on Facebook (thank you!) you may have seen a new necklace with out a name.  Well she now has a name, LOVING CHARMS.

I have to give credit where credit is due, the idea for LOVING CHARMS was actually my Mom's.  Mom needed a killer Mother's Day gift for Grandma, she loves the ON MY TINY HEART necklace but wanted something a little more substantial.  Plus one initial just wouldn't cut it for Grandma with all her loved ones!  So along came LOVING CHARMS, one initial charm representing each of her three children, two grandchildren, and one baby grandson.  Grandma LOVES the necklace and in fact so does my Mom, I think I have next Mother's Day covered. :)

WAIT, WAIT, if you don't have children or grandchildren you can still enjoy LOVING CHARMS by having something meaningful stamped on the charms.  I'm thinking about making one for myself stamped with "live aloha" because it reminds me to enjoy my life, soak in all the beauty and love around me and of course reminds me of the paradise island that I have so many good memories of.

Stay tuned for more!  But until then check out LOVING CHARMS, for sale now!