let me introduce you...

I wanted to introduce you to my new partner!  He is in the studio everyday with a great attitude and we are practically attached at the hip, I don't go anywhere without him and he trusts me with his life...


Jackson Munoz Pruett!


My sweet little boy made me a Mom on March 12th, which was 12 days later than expected. The wait pretty much drove me to insanity but was worth it to bring Jackson into this world on his Daddy's birthday! 

Jackson has helped me to be more patient, more loving and more appreciative.  Sometimes he looks at me with his adoring eyes and a slow smile creeps onto his face, he looks at me right in the eyes, like I'm THE MOST wonderful thing, until he can't stand how happy I make him and that little smile breaks open from ear to ear.  I pretty much live for those precious moments that I have to choke back my tears of happiness. 


I had no idea how awesome being a Mom would be!

So if you were wondering the reason for the slow down and the big break in blog posts, now you know.  I just couldn't manage to do much other than stare at this adorable little face.  But one day Jackson is going to want to go to camp or college so I figure I'd better get to work!  So we've headed back into the studio and we're working on some great new things we can't wait to show you so stay tuned! :)