your hands

I heard on the morning news that David Kelley was going to be on 60 Minutes this Sunday.

You know David Kelley...



Well you've certainly owned and used one the products designed by him or his company IDEO.  IDEO has designed products for Apple, Ford, Pepsi Co, Microsoft, Proctor and Gamble and the list of recognizable names goes on and on and on. 

In the clip advertising the 60 Minutes interview they ask David Kelley what he thought the secret to his success was and he said one of the things was working with his hands. 

I think that is something we forget the importance of in this digital age of technology.  My education was completely hands on and although there are many times I wish I would have learned more technology, I've realized that working with my hands has made me smarter. 

Working with my hands has made my brain work differently- in a good way.  I can better foresee pitfalls in my designs and what the steps of a project are from start to finish- whether it's making a piece of jewelry or fitting the cabinets in my new kitchen- that's something that designing on a computer cheats you of.  Plus half my designs come to me while my hands are on the materials.



I love designing and there is some amazing technology out there that I hope I can take advantage of this year to make my business more efficient but I don't ever plan on giving up working with my hands- it's completely under rated.:)


So watch 60 Minutes this Sunday to see the interview with David Kelley and learn more about a company I would LOVE to work for one day, IDEO.


Happy Friday!