cold storage

I'm not sure if this is the case where you live, but here in Charlotte if anyone so much as whispers the word *snow* the vast majority of the city immediately goes into an excited panic mode, clearing grocery store shelves, salting side walks and roads and of course calling off school- better safe than sorry- right?

In a way this seasonal ritual is annoying for anyone who has actually lived in a place where it snows but in another way it's slightly charming.  It's like everyone turns into an eight year old kid again, anxiously running to the window over and over again, in order to not miss the first fragile flakes falling from the sky.  You have to admit snow has a magical, calm and rare sort of beauty.

With the morning news "warning" us of a wintery mix headed our way I thought it was appropriate that I share the haunting "frozenscapes" of the former Fulton Market Cold Storage- a 10 story refrigerated warehouse in the Chicago meat packing district- captured by photographer Gary Robert Jensen.










Crazy, right? 

Now that the building is thawed out it is rumored to be converted to the new SRAM (bicycle parts manufacturer) headquarters.  Can't wait to see how it turns out!