sweet reality

This weekend was so beautiful, I hope you got out there and enjoyed it!

I have a few friends that have this sweet little fantasy of living in an area that you can walk to the coffee shop or the grocery store, get out and enjoy the nice weather with your dog or your kids.  It seems like a nice idea but most of the time even if there were shops you could walk to it wouldn't be a very enjoyable, picturesque walk. That is why I've always thought of this as a nice idea but a ridiculous, non reality.

But this weekend I discovered the place for all you people who love that picturesque idea and it's right around the corner from my house!  Downtown Matthews is the cutest little town! 

The streets are lined with American flags and planters overflowing with flowers and lush greenery. People are out with their dogs, headed to the Matthews farmers market or meeting friends at the corner coffee shop.  Sooo cute, so picturesque- it does exist!

Jeremy and I took a detour to the farmers market.








There was even a woman playing the harp!


After pursuing the farmers market we headed to our original destination, Renfrow Hardware.  I LOVE this hardware store, if my grandfather had a hardware store this is what it would look like. 

Packed to the brim with everything you could need and everyone that works there seems to know everything (in a good way).  This place is over 100 years old and is so darn charming, Jeremy and I always go to Renfrow for our plants and lawn stuff.



Ice cold bottled sodas- it's almost a prerequisite that we get one.


This little place is packed, there is stuff EVERYWHERE!



(yeah, that is my finger in the corner.  I'm like an old person with my hand or finger over the lens in 90% of the pics I take with the i-phone- ridiculous.  Plus Jeremy was ready to get out of there so I had to make it snappy- so sorry you get fingers and blurred pictures.:))




So If you're looking for a picturesque Saturday morning or life, head over to downtown Matthews and check it out, a little Mayberry in Charlotte!