a home away from home

These days working people spend A LOT of time at work.  It's unfortunate that we spend most of our waking hours at work instead of with our loved ones or doing something we really enjoy.  With that I have to say, I have always considered myself lucky- even on the worst days I think most of our jobs are better than picking crops in the hot sun or digging trenches in the rain or something.  Even so, I think it's important that we make our work experience as productive and pleasant as possible since it is such a huge part of our lives.

It's kind of funny that I named this post "a home away from home" because as you might already know my work is at home.  I'm sure if you've never worked at home you think- ahh it must be nice and yes, there are perks but there are just as many if not more disadvantages to working at home- unless you are suuuuper disciplined (which I'm not) things can get pretty out of control- you should see my studio right now- horrendous, plus you actually start to miss the daily human interaction.  The point, without getting too into my major flaws, I also have to work on making my work experience productive and pleasant.

I ran across these tips on The Magazine from Gretchen Rubin, the author who wrote, The Happiness Project and most recently, Happier at Home.  I really identified with these simple tips and thought they were a great reminder to really look at how we spend our day and take some time to make life a little easier.



(It can be hard to relax but if I don't I get worn out so much faster.)


(I'm so guilty of this one- my head is hanging.)


(Suuuuper guilty, I feel like I should be working- not cleaning but I'm so much more productive when things are tidy.)



(I've started doing this recently- really looking at how I spend my time and how long it takes me to get things done, it's been a real eye opener.)


#4  TAKE 10

(I do take breaks but I'm still guilty of eating at my desk.)

I hope these reminders will prompt you to make some little adjustments that will hopefully make it a little easier to get through the day. :)

If not it's Thursday, wahoo!