for the love of cam

I have never been a big sports fan, I didn't even go to a college with a football team.  So it's taken me some time to learn to love football season and now this is me...


 These pictures are blurry because I'm jumping up and down like an 8 year old- I LOVE, love, LOVE to go to the games!  Also, for a majority of this game it was pouring down rain so that's why the stands are pretty much empty. 

Anyway, this is going to be a great year for the Panthers now that we have our quarterback issues sorted out and we are so glad to have Cam Newton.:)  I just love that Cam, soooo cute and an all around good guy, so it's been exciting to see him in national commercials and most recently on the COVER of GQ magazine!  Before Cam I think anyone living outside of the Carolinas was like, Panthers who?

Since we had a winning pre season game against the Dolphins this weekend I thought we could celebrate by drooling over Cam's GQ photoshoot (outtakes included)...



love this layered look, too bad my husband would never go for it.:(

I'm hoping these are the real Panthers cheerleaders, since they get paid pennies.

Channeling Lenny Kravitz- :)

Can't wait to kick butt with Cam this season!  Wahooo!

Hope this starts your Monday off right.:)