dogs on things

I saw something on Facebook yesterday that disturbed me.  I didn't even take a closer look because the image appeared to be either a deformed animal of some sort or a monstrous creation courtesy of Photoshop. 

Well this morning while skimming through Colossal I realized what I saw was neither of my assumptions (but give me a break the pic was tiny!) and I was relieved that it was just a dog, Maddie, to be specific, being tortured by wearing a horse mask.

Hideous, right?

Haha, well the rest of the pictures are actually super cute and I got such a kick out of scrolling through the pages and pages of poor Maddie being subjected to strange environments and positions but I have the feeling she loved it- well most of it.

These pictures are a result of Theron Humphrey traveling around the country for a year, taking pictures all long the way to tell the stories of everyday people.  A pretty huge and interesting undertaking, I guess Maddie became a side project and honestly I have been too charmed by her to even look at the stories of everyday people- I'll save that for another day.  Until then, Miss Maddie...


















You've just got to love dogs.:)