behind the bench

Yesterday was a great day.  It was the first day in a long time that I got to be in a jewelry studio environment and it was awesome!  The patient experts at Morrison Smith Jewelers allowed me to come in for some technique tips and shop talk- finally someone who understands!  I haven't had that in sooooo long and I've missed it.  I loved learning from them and checking out all of their tools- there are no local resources for the materials and tools I use so I have to order everything, which can really suck.  And what a relief to realize that even these masters deal struggle with some of the same issues I do!

I'm a super nerd when it comes to the way things work- when I go to the dentist I want to know everything they're doing as they are doing it and what tools they are using- I think it's a combination of the control freak and the curious little monkey in me.  Anyway, while I was there I made sure to soak in every detail I could.   I started noticing how beautiful all the tools were, so neatly organized in each jewelers bench.  I started snapping with my iphone and couldn't stop.  Oh, if only I had a fraction of these tools!  Just thought I'd give you a peek behind the jewelers bench...


So neat!  My bench looks nothing like this






look at all those burrs!  I think I own about 40- half of whats in one of those cups






a nicely worn set of gravers- used for engraving and stone setting


bits and pieces of silver and gold solder- what holds it all together


ring mandrals and sizers


attachments for the felxshaft- a suped up dremel- a tool I couldn't live with out!


I learned how to use this tiny torch!  The one I typically use is about twice the size and burns much hotter than this little propane one so it took a little getting used to


needle files, for getting in all the little tiny spaces


a jumble of pliers, nippers and cutters


There is just something beautiful about these collections of tools.

This makes me look a little noisy huh?  Looking in everyone's drawers?  These jewelers were not only generous with their time but also their knowledge and I'm so grateful they were willing to share with me.  Thanks Morrison Smith!!!