First, I have to ask- do you eat your bacon with a knife and fork???  It never occurred to me to do anything with bacon other than just go for it- sans utensils.

Anyway, Jeremy and I are in Wilmington today for a conference and I'm pumped to spend the day on the beach and visit some of my favorite shops and little restaurants.  My sister went to UNCW here so I have a little inside scoop on Wilmywood.

While waiting for the sun to burn off some of this haze I'm scouring Etsy for some beach gear.  Here are some fun finds...

Cute tote for only $33, I love the rope handles.


I typically take a sheet out to the beach that I lay my town on top of- sand doesn't stick to a towel.  But these Turkish towels have this great fringe and fun stripes- for $24- SOLD.


Always a sucker for typography. And this sounds suuuper lazy but it would be nice to have a pillow out there on the beach.


a fun, comfy, dress for dinner- $40


Beachy accessories- $40 (I love this pic, gorgeous)


A good coverup and hat is a must for me- I like to be able to cover up if I feel a little toasty.:)  Sarongs are always a good inexpensive option- $21


Check out these bamboo Wayfarers!  Ecofriendly, stylish and they float!  Love them!  These are only $85!

Okay enough Etsy, I'm headed to the beach!  Happy Friday ya'll!