relish carolina

If you already picked up the July issue of nFocus magazine then you probably know about Relish Carolina. 

Relish Carolina's goal is to "recreate the lost practice of dinner time", where you can always expect an interesting setting, delicious food and drinks, fun activities and good conversation.


I just love the graphic layout of the Relish Carolina site so I just borrowed them to show you how cool their concept is.  The pictures below are of some of the unique locations Relish Carolina events have been held.


The next event is July 12 at Rosedale Plantation, here is the schedule of events...

How fun does that look???

I'm super impressed that we have something this creative and progressive here in Charlotte!

If you decide to attend know that at every Relish Carolina Event you are required to bring your own plate.  When I first read that I thought they meant like a pot luck- bring your own dish of food to share but no, just bring the dish- with no food on it.  The plate is used to save your spot and at the end of the evening you get your clean plate back, they even have a plate valet!