little people, big food

You can thank my mom for this cute little post today.  She is always hooking me up with cool blog ideas.

I love these photographs by Christopher Boffoli, they're so whimsical.  There was this book I loved to read as a kid called, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, in the story it starts raining Chicken Noodle Soup and all the weather is food and the weather food just keeps getting bigger and bigger.  Oh, what wonderful mental pictures this idea created in my childhood brain!  In the end there is a snow hill of mashed potatoes with a butter pat sun rise.  Love it.  Anyway, enjoy Chris' work and if you're interested, read more on his philosophy on food and his inspiration for this series Big Appetites or watch the video at the end of the post. 













Oh, so fun!


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Happy Monday!