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I love this picture of Elsa, I don't know what it is, the hat?  the bird?

You're probably more familiar with this picture of her...

Taken by Helmut Newton in 1975 of Elsa Peretti in a Halston Bunny costume.

Now you are probably thinking that name, Elsa Peretti...

Sounds familiar?

Elsa Peretti is the genius behind some of the most popular designs at Tiffany & Co..



And there are dozens more that you would recognize, almost anything that Tiffany sells that is modern, simple, clean, is an Elsa Peretti design.  Go ahead google her, you'd be amazed.



I love seeing her ideas and product development, of course most of what is out there is all cleaned up for marketing purposes, but still, getting any incite is exciting for me.




I especially love to see pictures of her sketch book, it makes me feel better about mine.  I'm not the most fanastic renderer, it can be very difficult to draw a 3D object that only exists in your head. 




Clearly the perfection of the sketches have nothing to do with the success or perfection of the final product.  In all the things I've read about Elsa it sounds like perfection was extremely important to her- again another thing about her that makes me feel not so bad about myself.  It is easy to agonize over details and want everything you do and put out there to be perfect- it's a struggle.


(Elsa with her Diamonds by the Yard on)

Most often inspired by nature, Elsa says, "Style should be simple". 

I couldn't agree more.

I also love that she said, "I hate that impeccable, perfectly perfect look, all matched and prearranged".

Amen sister!

I decided to do this post because my husband Jeremy asked me who I look up to design wise, who I'd love to be like.  As I learn more about artists and fashion, the list continues to grow.  I have always loved Elsa Peretti's designs so I thought as a responsible and knowledgable artist and jewelry designer I should learn more about her and as I have I've become more and more inspired.  I love that she has found so much inspiration from nature and still manages to be modern and classic. I love that she is bold and connected and takes chances and has created pieces that are iconic. I can only dream...

She has lead a fascinating life. 

There is a great video Tiffany put together on Elsa, if you'd like to learn more...


At the end of the video there is this message...


I love that message.


(all pictures via Tiffany.com or style.com)