First I wanted to thank all of you that entered the giveaway on the Edible Perspective blog, all of your sweet comments were the confidence boost I've really been needing.  Thank you for making me feel like all the late nights and working weekends are worth it- you made my day, or maybe my year!

Speaking of Edible Perspective, have you checked out the rhubarb recipe that Ashley wrote on, SHFT?  If not, you should and then continue on to check out the rest of the site.  I'd never hear of SHFT until I followed Ashley link to it, it's a fabulous website with all sorts of interesting articles on food, fashion, art, business and design.  I love this article on the work of Julian Bialowes, photographer and graphic designer, his work is so beautiful, I thought I'd share his recent work for This Is Oregon...








The last is my favorite one.  The quotes and the varied typography really gives the photographs that extra something, what beautiful marketing for the state, we need this for North Carolina, so much natural beauty here. <3

Happy Monday!