First I wanted to thank those of you that gave me feed back on Monday's post, I really appreciate it- I love to hear from you (that way I know i'm not just talking to myself.:)

And then I have to say that I'm totally frantic and frazzled preparing for the Crafty Feast - I know, you're probably sick of hearing about it. Sorry, it's just I can't stand the thought of being up all night the week before  The sad thing is it's has happened waaay too many times- you'd think I'd learn my lesson but no, apparently not.

Anyway, with all that said there's not much time for a thought provoking, fashion forward, blow your mind blog post so I thought I'd to introduce you to Num...

I have always wanted a cow skull, I know it sounds so weird and morbid but I think they are so beautiful.  It might be that they just remind me of a Georgia O'Keefe painting?  The smooth, bleached, bone combined with the curves and cracks- what a master piece. 

So when my parents went on a trip to Sante Fe and I asked for a skull I thought they'd never get me one.  And guess what showed up in the mail yesterday?  Num.  I though we should name her and of course my smart ass mom came up with Num which I shouldn't even admit that I had to ask why.   Numskull- I guess that should be my name. 

I can't bare to call her Num, it just seems too mean!  I'm sure some of you think that hanging a skull on my wall is what's mean but don't even lie I know you own a pair of leather shoes or a purse even if you don't eat beef.  She is a by product of the meat industry and I for one can still appreciate the beauty of her life even in death.