beautiful miracles

My parents recently got back from a short vacation in Sante Fe, New Mexico, they brought home a beautiful book (which happened to come with it's own pair of white cotton gloves).  What is between those pages made me realize it has been far too long since I've been truly inspired.

The work of John Nieto is known for being explosively colorful, bold and expressively strong.  I am IN. LOVE. with the color, I go crazy over color that makes you want to experience it with more than your eyes, I love color that makes you want to taste it.  If you have any idea what I'm talking about you will be positively stuffed after feasting your eyes on Mr. Nieto's masterpieces...











I saved a few of my favorites for last but before I sign off I wanted to let you know why this post is titled beautiful miracles.  Mr. Nieto is in his mid 70's, he has been painting for many years, studying art in France after college and then returning to the American West to paint his grandmother's people, the Apache Indians. 

Ten years ago Nieto had a stroke which left him in a near comatose state for several years, after receiving the best care and intensive therapy he did eventually show minimal improvement and was able to say a few words but his hands shook so badly he couldn't even hold a pencil.  Nieto's family realized he would never paint again and sadly decided to give away his paints and brushes but kept 11 unfinished pieces that he had been working on before the stroke. Almost three years later Nieto was back in the hospital with signs of congestive heart failure, after several tests and a procedure the results came back that his heart was fine and he was sent home to recover.  Then one day he gets out of bed, walks into his studio and asks where all of his stuff was.  John Nieto made a sudden and full recovery.   He started back on the 11 unfinished paintings the next day.

He is still painting.

John's wife is adamant that his recovery is one of God's miracles.




These pieces and that story make me so happy.