First I have to thank my sweet ones for commenting on my post yesterday.<3  Now I can take my new ideas to the finishing stage and enter them officially into the collection, I'll keep ya'll up dated!

I'm still thrown off with darn daylight savings but it's so worth it to now be officially enjoying spring time- waaahoooooo!!!!  If you've been reading you know I'm obsessed with finding the perfect spring/summer/flowy/flowery/ruffley dress and of course the official change of season has me on the hunt again.  While cruising the net I suddenly remembered Kirribilla, which I discovered while at the America's Mart this February.  Kirribilla has the girliest, springiest, ruffliest dresses and they are founded by 3 friends, one of whom I actually met at the mart and who is so incredibly sweet, kind of like her dresses...


With the amount of weddings Jeremy and I are invite to this summer/fall I am going to need at least one of these- I am now saving my pennies.