I am super pumped because I'm finally getting my hair did- I've needed a cut for over 3 weeks now and I am looking pretty shabby.  (I go the the Orange Olive in NODA- BTW, they are awesome and if you decide to try out the OO let them know I sent you, I get some dollars off my hair cut:))

My sister sent me a link to this paper artist Anastassia Elias who is French and her website is in French so from what I gather this is her work but really I have no idea.  There is quite a variety of technique on the site so I'm not really sure what is going on with the language barrier and all but I thought these were pretty interesting.  Ignorance is bliss...










There is something so warm and wonderful about the final product in the right light. 

Since it looks like it will be a rainy weekend why not use up a whole roll of toilet paper, break out the sicssors and see what you can come up with or we can just leave this sort of thing up to Anastassia- which is my plan.  :)

Happy Friday!