ideas, ideas, ideas

So I 've been working on some new things lately- which is very exciting for me.  This is really my favorite thing to do out of all of my responsibilities as the sole employee of Noelle Munoz Jewelry. 

People ask me if I ever get a drought of ideas and honestly that was something that I was always worried about- even while I was deciding my major in college.   How could I manage to be creative EVERY DAY of my life??? 

The reality is there is so much uncreative stuff to do in a business on a daily basis that the ideas just keep piling up.  Of course with all ideas there are some good and some bad (and unfortunately I have actually spend quite a bit of time on some bad ones).  And when it is finally time to start making new pieces there are those few ideas that have been there consistently, nagging at me- make me please, I'm a great idea!

Of course the great thing with being the one that actually makes each piece myself instead of sending the idea off to be stamped out, there is quite a bit of evolution in the design.  A mistake becomes a new idea, it is really quite wonderful until of course the mistakes pile up and I am ready to pull out my hair.

Well I had planned to post some pics of my studio and my new ideas but you will just have to wait.  I have morning meeting and since I'm trying to turn over a new leaf I must be ON TIME.  I know none of you that know me actually believe me but hey, I'm trying!!!!

Until tomorrow- Happy Hump Day!