i'm dreaming

While racking my brain of an interesting post for you I realized I never shared with you my sleeping arrangements while on my Atlanta trip.  In my former life as a Knoll employee I made a few friends everywhere and have several very sweet former coworker friends in the Atlanta area that offered to let me stay with them- lucky me. 

Well I didn't get as many pics as I would have liked or maybe I should say as good of pictures as I would have liked but as is my typical MO we had a late night and an unfortunately early morning.  But I did wake up in this gorgeous folk Victorian that my friend Patricia and her husband have been renovating over the years and recently added on a nice guest bedroom, 2 full baths, laundry room and den.

New downstairs bath with reclaimed - well pretty much everything.  Love the pocket door and the warm concret floors.

Patricia's gorgeous soaking tub she found in a salvage yard and had refinished for her soaking pleasure.

And on up the stairs to my castle in the sky...

My shoddy photography does not do this place justice.  In person it is heavenly, big windows on all three sides and the soaring rafters make this seems like a bed in the clouds, so bright, clean and airy.  I loved it.  I'm not sure why Patricia and her husband don't make this their permanent sleeping quarters.

Maybe it's the little bathroom, but who cares when it looks like this?  Look at the hardwear that the shower door is hung on!

And who doesn't love the waterfall shower and some carrera marble?

Unfortunately this was at 7am and I didn't have any time to get pictures of the rest of the original house, which has heavy classic moldings, fun brightly colored walls, eclectic and beautiful furniture and nothing but a keen addition to detail in every room.

So grateful for my sweet friends hospitality and the chance to drool over her spectacular  house!