I (and I think most internet savvy females) have discovered and become obsessed with pinterest over the last year.  If you haven't discovered this black hole, it's time to lose a few hours to "pinning".  I try to avoid pinterest these days, it's just not healthy for me.  But lucky for me and you I have discovered a potential new source to aid us in procrastination!

 Moodboard Creator by Olioboard

You'll love this, you can create your own idea boards with products you love.  Moodboard is another great way to find inspiration and organize your own ideas.  Look how beautiful these moodboards are!

You can also search through others idea boards to get inspiration and view the individual components of each board.

And you can link directly to each element on the board and purchase if so inclined.

Create boards that look like rooms using preconfigured backgrounds...

Or you can pile all of your favorite fabric swatches, furniture pieces and paint colors one on top of the other until you have the look you love.

So enjoy!  I have too much work to do to play around with this today- so while you're on the clock you give it a test drive and let me know what you come up with.;)  It's a short week anyway, you know you can't get anything done in four little days!

Happy FAT Tuesday!