I try to make an effort to not talk about negative or sad things on the blog and I try not to complain on the blog either- some days that's kind of hard to avoid.  There's so much negativity in the world but this is my little world and so I try make it interesting and happy and fun.

With that said there are times I feel I have to acknowledge what is going on in the outside world and what has happened in Newtown, CT has my heart so heavy- as I'm sure yours is too.  I'm not sure if it's my pregnancy hormones that have me so emotional or just that I am so much closer to being a parent than ever before.  I think about how those parents and families must feel and how their lives are forever changed, how Christmas will never again be the joyous time it's meant to be, and how there are gifts under some family's trees that will ever be opened. 



When horriffic things like this happen it's easy to think how horrible the world is, filled with danger and evil lurking behind the scenes- waiting to burst out at any moment.  But then through the darkness light comes again, people reach out to help and go out of their way to comfort each other- my faith in humanity is restored. 

These comfort dogs have been helping bring smiles to the faces of Newtown, even in these dark days.

I bring all this up, not just because I'm so saddened by it and not because you haven't heard enough about it on every tv and radio station but because I saw that there are so many ways for us to help Newtown- some of which is just letting them know we care and are thinking and praying for them.

The Helping Hands Project was put together by teachers of Newtown, they are asking schools to have their students send their hand prints on papers so that they can be strung up in schools- or where ever- letting the children and people of Newtown know that they are not alone, that they are loved, and that they are safe.  Even though I'm not a student I still want to do this with my family- maybe a good Christmas activity to remind us how blessed we are.  I can't wait to see pictures of all those sweet hands.

If you'd like to donate something, here are links to funds that have been set up in honor of the Newtown tragedy...

I heard on the news that someone had bought a cup of coffee at a local coffee shop for every person in Newtown.  It's so inspiring to see people all over the world caring for these hurt people.








Amazing-  that beauty and love can come from something so horrible.

God bless Newtown.

All images were taken from The Atlantic, The Huffington Post, CBS news