changes :)

I'm sure you've noticed the lack of blog posts and my frequent comments about being super busy over the last few months. With our kitchen renovations going on and battling the unrelenting side effects of early pregnancy (nausea, extreme fatigue and four weeks of horrible bronchitis- which are now behind me- thank God!) it has been a hard time to have important deadlines.

The things is, when a great opportunity presents it's self you can't turn it down just because you feel like you're going to throw up 8 out of the 10 hours you are able to stay awake.  So when talks began with Morrison Smith Jewelers, which if you didn't know has been the place to go for fine, sparkly, beautiful, important gifts for the last 50 years or so, I had to step up. Of course to get the order in to Morrison Smith something had to give and it happened to be my blog posts- sorry! 


Morrison Smith Jewelers- 705 Providence Rd, Charlotte, NC

I delivered my first order to Morrison Smith last week and you can expect to see a selection of my work there in a few days!  I'm pretty pumped about this opportunity to exclusively sell my work in such a well known Charlotte establishment but that meant I had to pack up my display at The Boulevard at South End and say good bye to the wonderful owners there. :(


Of course this may not be news to you if you've already picked up this month's issue of nFocus Magazine where my signature Bones bracelet was featured in their Holiday Gift Guide under "Perfect Gifts"- I'm not sure I could have put it in a more perfect category.;)


A quick note- I have to give major credit to my wonderful, outgoing husband who was the guy who inititated this new amazing opportuntity.  I'm not sure what I'd do with out his unrelenting support. (I love you babe! xoxoxoxox)


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