I know, you've probably all given up on me.  I am finally back to blog writing.  I just needed a little break while I finished up a big order and dealt with some of our renovation.  So come back tomorrow, it won't be another 2 weeks before I post again.:)

On my blog break I happened to see a little piece on George Steinmetz, best know for his photography contributions to National Geographic Magazine and GEO magazine.

Most of George's photographs are ariel landscapes often including animal heard and some times villages and people.  George is able to get these fabulous pictures by flying.

Yes, George can fly.




Using a backpack mounted motor, paraglider wing, and  single seat harness (the lightest powered aircraft in the world) George flies above the earth capturing these beautiful scenes for us.  It's pretty amazing if you ask me.  And George can pack this flying contraption up and take it on a commercial airline with him!







Doesn't everyone want to fly? - especially after seeing these beautiful photographs.



There is a wonderful story behind each of these pictures, head over to George's website to read all about his adventures.