jules buck jones

Isn't that the best name?  Jules Buck Jones?

(that's Jules and me on the right, back in the good old days)

Well Jules and I went to art school together at VCU, we were in different departments- Jules in painting, me in furniture and jewelry design (ok, ok my department was called crafts but that is a very misleading department name).  Back in the day Jules traveled a lot with his band and his worked reflected all of his hours on the road with rolling hills, highways, byways, underpasses and over passes and criss-crossing power lines all abstract and splashed with color.  I loved his work, it was engaging and mesmerizing with it's collage of repeating elements, I regret so much not buying a piece of that work.

Jules has moved on from cityscapes to more natural subjects. I periodically check in on Jules' website to see his latest pieces.  I particularly love these subject studies...


Ahh, to have such talented friends!