lost wax


Right now all of the noelle munoz jewelry you see on the website is completely hand fabricated, which makes for a lot of time spent in front of my jewelers bench.  As a way to preserve my sanity I have decided that I will convert some of the pieces that I currently hand fabricate into pieces that are cast in the lost wax process, which gets it's name because the wax models are melted out of the molds and "lost".

Casting is really an art in it's self and a great way to make consistent and durable jewelry.  I haven't been casting my work because I don't have the equipment to do it in my studio but I'm super pumped to have access to some casting equipment over the weekend to do some experimenting with- wahoo!

I realize you may have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about so I've attached a YouTube Video of the process so you can see what it is all about (http://youtu.be/ZSN8W9hSDDE).  This is a little documentary of Cranston Casting's process and it also shows the devastation they suffered after the floods that ravaged the North East in March of last year.

Pretty cool stuff!  Hopefully I'll get some good pics of what goes on this weekend to share with you. :)