hotel pelirocco

I pretty much hate the winter.  The dry skin, the lack of holidays and sunshine- it's just so not my favorite time of year right now.  I have been dreaming of weekend get aways, beach trips, long lazy summer days and potentially moving to a more tropical locale.  All of this dreaming has me scanning the net for something exciting and I stumbled across this hotel in the UK...

I love the name, Pelirocco, it just rolls off the tongue and is not only fun to say but it's apparently England's most Rock 'n' Roll Hotel.  Each room is has it's own unique decor, whether it be kitschy or kinky there's something for everyone at Hotel Pelirocco.

'Betty's Boudouir', with more than enough leopard print to satisfy and inspired by the sassy and legendary Miss Betty Page.

The 'Soul Supreme' is stocked with it's own selection of motown records and vintage record player.

The 'Rough Trade' single room is designed to be reminiscent of the English Rough Trade Record Shop- also equipped with it's own record player and selection of records.

When I mentioned kinky decor I was referring to the 'Playroom', mirror clad and with it's own stripper pole- I know you are sold on this place now.

I love the plush 'Pin Up Parlor', although I am positive all the fabric can not be washed after each guest's stay and the thought of that makes the room a lot less fun.

The sophisticated 'Stoli Salon' has Stoli Vodka bottles inset into the walls incase you forget what your room is called.

Another room with potentially too much fabric the 'Do Knit Disturb' room even includes a hand knit breakfast.

And since I have been dreaming of warmer weather I think I would opt to stay in the unfortunately named 'Pussy' room with it's bright tropical feel to help me shake these winter blues.

Any other suggestions to help me get through the winter I'd appreciate it- whatever it is, I'm sure it would be a whole lot cheaper than moving to Hawaii or going to the Hotel Pelirocco which I'm pretty sure would just weird me out.