tying things up

Well, it is sad that my last blog post was Monday- the week has just flown by.  I'm sorry I haven't been as on top of the blog as I'd like to be but there's just a lot going on here in the Munoz-Pruett house.

Other than tying up the loose Noelle Munoz Jewelry ends from last year and brainstorming on some  Valentines Day designs we also have the bathroom renovation that has been sucking up time but we are really excited to soon have one uncrusty bathroom! 

I thought I'd share some of the details...

This is the original bathroom and these pics were taken the first day we looked at the house with our realtor a little over 3 years ago (just letting you know I don't decorate with Eucerine bottles:))

This is what the bathroom currently looks like...

Stripped down to the studs.

My father in law helped us put in a pocket door, which will seriously help the space situation.

Yes, that is my mother-in law with the fabulous red head, supervising.:)

At least a year ago we took the wall paper down to sort of start the renovation but I guess we just loved the look of the drywall because we left it that way until a few weeks ago when we started this mess.  The reason for me telling you this is because when we stripped the lovely pastel stripes off the wall we found an even lovelier surprise underneath...

I know you love this! And no, it is no longer in production.

A few close up shots, in case you're thinking of having this baby reproduced

It's safe to say the poodles will not be making an appearance in the new bathroom. Instead this is what we're thinking...

No real vanity, just a shelf.  This will prevent me from saving old lotions, curling irons and other dust collecting crap we don't need.

The counters, beautiful luce de luna.

Jeremy making sure it looks okay with our floor selection of carrera marble which will be cut into 3" stripes and laid in a brick pattern

Going clean and simple with the shower, classic white subway tile. 

And some modern fixtures...

Oh I can't wait, now I just have to pick out the lighting, mirror and the paint color, if you have any ideas I can use the help and with some help then I can be better about writing my blog everyday.:)

Have a great weekend!  Thanks for reading. <3