the mint

The Mint Museum on Randolph Rd. is so named because it is housed in an original branch of the United States Mint.  I visited for the first time this weekend since my sister was in town and we have both been dying to see the Chanel exhibit showing now through the end of the year.

You can see in the background a little of a community assembled sculpture sitting on the Museum lawn.

Anyway, we went to see the Chanel: Designs for Modern Women Exhibit and it was, well nothing can really capture the cool sophistication and charm that Coco Chanel exuded.  The vintage wool suits fitted on clothing stands with only one or two sentence descriptions of the items didn't really do it for me.  To me Art is a story and this exhibit has some real history behind it. Chanel is so well branded and distinct, plus Coco was a wild one so for the exhibit to be so, well, vanilla was disappointing.  I will do Chanel right in my Thursday blog post so stay tuned! 

I guess after being to museums like the MOMA, The Met, The Hirshhorn, The National Gallery of Art and the Uffizi your expectations are pretty high.  And being an artist I sort of want to write the Mint Museum a letter entitled; GIVE ME A LITTLE SOUL!!!! 

Even thought the Chanel exhibit was underwhelming the rest of the museum was nice and I found inspiration sources of all types...


crazy for pattern...


crazy for crazy...



There is also the brand new beautiful Uptown branch of the Mint Museum affiliated with the Levine Center for the Arts, The Bechtler Museum of Modern Art and the Harvey Gantt Center for African American Arts.  If you buy admission ($10) to one museum you get re-admission to that museum and the other mint museum for the next two days for FREE!!!  And every Tuesday after 5pm admission is also FREE so there is no excuse for you not to go check out the art we have in the Queen City.  

But remember to bring an umbrella or you might end up in a barefoot sprint to the car in a monsoon.:)


Now go see some art, for FREE, TODAY!!!:) xoxo