My husband and I are always fantasizing about the day we will be able to build our dream house but we love so many styles we've never been able to really pin down what it will look like, until now.

The style of Richard Neutra is mid century modern at it's best; simple, open, airy and comfortable with lots of natural light and of course having a pool doesn't hurt.

Richard Neutra was born 1892 in Vienna, Austria. Neutra moved to the US in 1923 and briefly worked with Frank Lloyd Wright and then Rudolf Schindler before going solo.  Neutra was well known for taking into account the needs of his clients, where his counterparts took on a "my way or the highway" philosophy.

A sampling of Neutra's houses, still as modern as ever...

1938-The Albert Lewin House, Sana Monica, CA (Mae West owned the house in 1954)


1946- The Kaufmann House, Palm Springs, CA (The Kaufmann's also owned Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water)


1949- The Benedict and Nancy Freedman House, Los Angeles, CA


1953- The Schaarman House, Los Angeles, CA (Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes live near by and have tired to purchase this house several times with no luck)


1956- The Sidney R. Troxell House, Pacific Palisades


1957- John P. and DeVee Clark House, Pasadena, CA


1962- The Taylor House, Glendale, CA


1966- The Ebelin Bucerius House aka Casa Navegna, Switzerland


1966- Rentsch House, Switzerland


Ahhh, one day....

(all pictures via trianglemodernisthouses)