rain or shine

I thought in the spirit of all the rain we had last night I'd share this University of Talca student instillation of umbrellas in Talca, Chili

I just think the pictures are beautiful.

via archdaily.com

Then I start reading the comments of other readers (I hate it when they are ugly or hateful, completely unecessary- but totally the subject of another blog post) and I see that indeed there is umbrella art all over the world.

Instillation Santa Cruz, Alacant, Valencia, ES.  via lbenjamin

Instillation Melbourne Section 8, Melbourne, Austrailia.  via www.loststateminor.com

not sure where.  via naya74

installation Insadong, Seoul, Korea.  via iwishmynamewasmarsha

installation, London, England.  via thisislondon

instillation Milan, Italy- these umbrella zip together to create a "house for all"  via cca-actions.org

And believe it or not there are so many more.