I love a cool shop, whether it is filled with good clothes or good food.  While I was in Michigan this summer my husband and I stumbled upon Commonwealth;


a modern cafe with some killer coffee and fresh healthy brunch options.

Not only was the food great but the cafe had a great atmosphere and lots of natural light streaming in through my favorite enclosure: a garage door.

Clearly, to take these pictures I was looking like a little bit of a nerd and I just couldn't help myself, I had to flip over the chairs to see if they were really authentic Eames molded plywood chairs.

I don't consider myself a snob but I pretty much detest knock offs, much to my furniture-nerd delight these chairs were legit!

See the little black emblem above my left hand?  That is the Herman Miller logo, the manufacturer of many of Eames designs.  If you don't know who Charles and Ray Eames are click here- this is something you really should know.:)

So if you are ever in Birmingham, Michigan I highly recommend Commonwealth.

If you have a cool shop of any sort in your neck of the woods I'd love if you'd share it with us, I am always looking for cool, non-chain stores to explore on my travels.