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I made the crazy assumption the other day in my cranbrook blog post that you knew who Eero Saarinen was.

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And I am going to assume you know this famous landmark.  The St.Louis Arch, it is one of Saarinen's most recognizable and well known works.  Eero, a Finnish-American designer is considered one of the masters of 20th century architecture, he is known for his clean design and sweeping, organic curves.  You may also recognize these two airports designed by Saarinen:

TWA Terminal

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The TWA terminal was featured prominently in the movie Catch Me If You Can, check out this awesome panoramic view of the terminal.

Dulles International Airport

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Uh, I just love these buildings, so graceful, so unique. 

Saarinen also designed quite a few pieces of furniture, many for Knoll who still produces Saarinen's designs today, they are now considered iconic and collectable.  Saarinen is one of my favorite designers.  I was lucky enough to work for Knoll for five years and had the opportunity to buy some of these classic pieces.

 Saarinen Dinning Table and executive side chairs. (Yes, I convinced my husband to let me paint this wall magenta)

Womb Chair and pedestal side table.

Here is Eero curled up in the womb chair he designed for Florence Knoll.

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This was a super short intro to Eero Saarinen, I hope up you will take the time to head to Wikipedia or Google to learn more about this amazing designer who helped to shaped modernisim. There is so much out there to see, it will be worth your time, I promise!