another one

So I know you have seen these cards before...

caption: the kids? out playing with their new empty boxes

or these note pads...

or these magnets...

Well if not, I don't know where you've been because these things are everywhere, I am pretty sure in at least two towns in all 50 states and beyond.  This is the work of the company MikWright.

Other than the crazy vintage photos and smarty-pants captions the cool thing about MikWright is that it's a Charlotte based company, who knew?

So I thought that was a little local inspiration I had to share with you this lovely Friday, if this Charlotte, NC company can make it big I/you can too!

A few interesting facts about MikWright:

  • Tim Mik and Phyllis Wright both worked in the airline industry before going full time with MikWright.
  • Most of the photos used for their cards and other gift items are of family and friends
  • You will not find MikWright cards in big box stores, only regional chains and boutiques
  • They have an office cat, his name is Rudy (I have a Rudy too, but he is a dog)! 


That is Rudy.

Happy Friday!