reality check

This is my first blog post as a 29 year old. 

Birthdays are funny things, when you are a kid they are just pure fun; magical and exciting, you look forward to your birthday and your birthday party and you especially look forward to being one year older.  Of course as an adult the thought of being one year older can be a little depressing, what have you accomplished in your (in my case) 29 years?  What do you have to show for yourself other than survival? 


In this pause I have gone to look for some good picture to put here, an old birthday picture or something.  I can't find anything blog worthy so I head over to the old school box of printed pics and begin to flip through, 3 hours later, nothing.  Except, the realization that I have a lot to show for my 29 years.  I have had a pretty great life so far, great relationships, lots of fun times, a college education, a wonderful husband, a house, the list goes on.  I am happy to have all of these things but of course I want more. One of them is a successful, profitable business before I am 30. 

It's game time.