love island modern

I know you are just about sick of hearing about Kauai but I have one more thing to share with you from my trip and it is slightly un-Kauaian.  I say this because Kauai is sort of the "country" of the Hawaiian islands, it is called the garden island for a reason and is absolutely un urban (this is not a dis, this is why I love the place).  You rarely see anyone dressed up, there are chickens and roosters running around everywhere and you also see quite a few jacked up trucks with monster tires- you getting the picture?

There is some very beautiful architecture and of course stunning scenery but finding anything modern or refined for sale on the island is rare. If you are looking for island modern there is only one place to go...


I think I went into Bungalow 9 at least four times during my trip, I just could not resist.  This little place is just packed full of all things cool and modern.

There is definitely not even a store in Charlotte this cool.

I know Christmas is a ways off but I am just saying anything in this store will do, I pretty much want everything...

Don't you???

And I know what you're saying- but this store is in Kauai, how is someone going to get us a gift from a store in Kauai?  

Well my friend, the internet is a wonderful thing.

You can go to to see many of the beautiful things that are carried at  Bungalow 9.  Then all you have to do is email Lisa for the details and hand over the cash.

You will also want to go to because the owner, Lisa Leggett, writes an awesome blog just overflowing with modern design inspiration (It is now bookmarked under my favorites).

Lisa, the brains and taste behind Bungalow 9, and I.  By the way when you check out the blog, look to the right side of the page, scroll down until you see pictures that say "HOME" above them, that is Lisa's house!  Amazing.

See hearing about Kauai one more time was totally worth it right?

Happy Friday!