your friends

I have been thinking recently how friendships are so different when you are an adult. Often disappointingly different.  And I realized that part of this is our lack of commitment to them. 

As children we have great friends and this is due to the fact that we have nothing else going on in our lives so we spend countless hours playing my little pony, jumping of the diving board, running through the woods and having sleep overs with our friends, all along the way sharing all sorts of intimate details of our thoughts, imagination and lives.  Now we do this this with our significant others (except for probably the my little ponies) leaving the possibility of developing a meaningful, true friendship in the dust.

So I have committed myself to being a better friend this year.  It is going to take some time and practice but I am positive it will pay off because I already have wonderful friends, I just need to treat them that way.

It is really none too soon because I just found out I have a friend that is pretty sick and I need to be there for her because I care about her. And even though I am a busy person and have a lot going on in my life I need to show her I care about her and not just because she is sick but that is what we do for friends.

So maybe think today about how you can be a better friend and while you are at it please say a prayer for my friend.

Thank you.